Life Path Meanings

"Numerology is the ancient science of numbers, with each number contributing a unique vibration to the story of your life. Your Life Path Number reveals the path you've chosen to walk in this life, and the lessons you've chosen to master on your journey. This number indicates the kind of life experiences you'll encounter as you fulfill your destiny and life purpose." - Michelle Buchanan author of "The Numerology Guidebook".

You calculate your Life Path number by adding the numbers in your full date of birth. You would continue adding these numbers until you get a single digit. The only numbers that you do not add to a single digit are Master Numbers. Master Numbers are 11, 22, and 33.

For example; if your birthday is April 10, 1988 you would add 4+1+1+9+8+8=31;  then add 3+1=4. The Life Path number is 4. If your birthday is March 14, 1978, you would add 3+1+4+1+9+7+8=33. The Life Path number is 33, which is a Master Number.

Master Numbers command extra-strength presence in the Universe.

  • Life Path 1 - The Independent Individual

  • Life Path 2 - The Cooperative Peacemaker

  • Life Path 3 - The Self-Expressive Creative

  • Life Path 4 - The Dedicated Worker

  • Life Path 5 - The Freedom-Loving Adventurer

  • Life Path 6 - The Responsible Caregiver

  • Life Path 7 - The Contemplative Truth Seeker

  • Life Path 8 - The Business-Minded Leader

  • Life Path 9 - The Compassionate Humanitarian

  • Life Path 11 - Master Visionary considered the most intuitive of all the numbers with a deep understanding of others and is sensitive to energies

  • Life Path 22 - Master Builder considered to have a great spiritual understanding and has a unique talent for manifesting ideas into reality

  • Life Path 33 - Master Teacher considered very rare and a great significant spiritual leader who is a nurturing individual focused on uplifting the loving energy of mankind